Arizona is my home and will for always be my home. I come from a small town on the Colorado River, Lake Havasu City. Ever since I could remember, that town has been everything to me. My entire family is within that town and I would not have changed growing up there for the world.

     Lake Havasu High School was my high school. It was a great school to go to. The teachers taught really well and helped the students that needed it. In high school, I had a GPA of 3.8. I worked hard in all of my classes and I participated in all of the extra activities. School sports were big with me and I was able to do Track and Field all four years. Because of money situations, I was unable to play soccer like I has hoped. Drama was a big class I took in high school and I performed well. Within that class, I was able to aid in productions not only in school but the community as well.

Safeway, in Lake Havasu, was my first real job. I have worked there for almost three years now and it has changed my life. Within the company, I have gone from a simple courtesy clerk to food clerk to night clerk. I have been told that I am well respected and an extremely reliable worker. The store manager, Jimmy Vann, swore that I would always have a job so long as he had anything to say about it.

Even though it really might not sound like a lot to people from a big city, Lake Havasu is enough to feel like my town. I know a large majority of the people there and they are all friendly people. Everyone gets along for the most part. Things to do are few but fun. I enjoy going wake boarding, or cliff jumping in our lake. The sun rises and sets are absolutely beautiful and well worth going to see.

    Arizona has many places to see, nothing like Lake Havasu though. I will never forget Lake Havasu. From the beautiful blue lake to the amazing sunsets, it will be forever my home and within my memory. To tell the whole truth, no essay could describe the beauty of Lake Havasu and I urge whoever reads this to take a day trip to Lake Havasu and see it for themselves.

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